Thursday, 9 March 2017

Bullet Journal Statistics for February 2017

Another month has passed, and it's time to look back at how my bullet journal is doing. February was unusual for me being sick for a while, and for +Mickey Blake  going to the US starting on the 9th. Unsettles my daily rhythm, such as it is, and means I have to take care of +The Frida Diaries myself. Still, I survived, and got some things done. Let's see how March becomes unusual:)

A total of 110 daily tasks were handled, including carry-over from last month, but not including carry-over to next month. Of these, 71 (65%) were done the same day, and 14 (13%) got done the day after. However, this time I postponed tasks for much longer, partly while sick, but also afterwards. One tasks got done after 7 postponement, and one after 8 (required going to the other side of town with Frida in tow)! My arrow system gets annoying enough when I have to write so many dashes that I eventually get it done:) I'm happy to see that the long-postponed tasks don't tend to then get cancelled.

I had 6 tasks that I cancelled and only one that I migrated to a higher level.

My Monthly Tasks didn't move that much, of 23 tasks 4 got done, 3 got cancelled, and the rest moved on to March.

So far, March looks better, with three tasks already done, but you never know. The monthly tasks are decidedly my weak spot, and I should figure out how to get them included more.

For the month overview, I started some checkbox columns. The most successful one is for watering plants, which I now have pretty regularly every third day, and the plants are much happier for it. I used to think of every third day as my goal, but I most definitely slipped. Other checkbox columns are regarding exercise (had a short streak of success) and training Frida (occasionally done).

My bullet journal for work (separate notebook for work-life balance) is behaving similarly, but has also allowed me to track how much time I spend working, turned out to hover around 9 hours a day without me realising it. No wonder I felt fairly exhausted.

I've started sometimes adding some boxes at the bottom of a right-hand page, for things I know I can't do immediately, but don't want to go into the Monthly page. Typically, I will have the coming two days there plus "future". The "future" box is a bit dangerous, though, since I don't necessarily look back there when I get to the future.

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