Monday, 8 May 2017

Bullet Journal Statistics April 2017

Yikes! Another month gone by! But at least my bullet journal is still active and I get stuff done much more than before it. My at-work one isn't doing as well, but still helps me remember little random things that are not on larger plans.

April saw nothing worse than 10 days of procrastination. I marked a total of 64 tasks done and 8 cancelled, none migrated. 32 of the tasks got done the same day they were put on - hey, that's exactly half! That's more than I really expected, since many tasks get added later in the day than I can act on them.

I think I have a better system for making this chart now, but it's still tricky to get right.

As for monthly tasks, I completed 6 straight off the task list, scheduled 3, and the remaining 15 got moved to May. Not a good record. I should get more used to looking at the task list, somehow.

The tracking of daily tasks worked so-so. I marked the watering column blue and it got used, but the exercise things did not see much use. I've changed exercise this month to something simpler, and so far am doing ok on them.

I did 11 topic pages, including the "happiness list" from Solve for Happy. I now use about 30 pages per month, so this notebook will last for another 2 months or so, for a total of half a year.

I got a new pen from Kautbullinger, a Schneider using a Slider 755 XB "Viscoglide" ink cartridge. It moves very smoothly and makes it more of a pleasure to write.